All Things French, Music Edition

by ladanassayesh

I am a true Francophile at heart.  My days are spent dreaming of all things French, from chocolate croissants to the Luxembourg Gardens and Amélie.  I often fantasize about riding a cruiser through the quaint streets of Paris with flowers and a baguette in my bicycle’s wicker basket (see below).  I have been lucky enough to travel to various cities in France and experience that certain French je ne sais quoi first hand.  Through my travels and time dedicated to absorbing all things French, I have amassed a large mental library of “French lists”.  Lists of great French movies, books, music, and much more.  I love sharing my recommendations with fellow Francophiles and vice versa.  The following is one of my many “French Lists” covering French music.   It was hard to pick out just a few songs, so consider this an introduction with more to come.  Please let me know if you have any French recommendations as I’d love to hear them!

c26037a83613b9ed53770790993988afJulia Louis-Dreyfus in Picture Paris

French Playlist-2